Having Debbie as part of our support team during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period for the birth of our first son was a wonderful experience!

After deciding to use Debbie as our doula, I started visits with her that included time for us to chat and get to know each other as well as ATMAT. During these visits I was able to discuss concerns that I had as well as what my birth preferences were. Debbie helped me to sort out what aspects of hospital birth allowed for choice, and which did not allow for choice on our part. This prepared me well for the hospital birth experience. Debbie also visited our home twice, which allowed my husband a chance to get to know her and ask questions about the birth process. She helped us prepare not only for the birth, but also encouraged us to think of a social media plan and prepared us with great advice on things to do as a couple before and after our son was born.

During our labor, Debbie was there not only as support to get through contractions and the labor process, but also to help us with decision making along the way. Our birth did not go as we had envisioned and we had to make some tough decisions along the way. With each decision, Debbie encouraged us to pause, rest, and talk through the decision. Debbie has incredible knowledge of birth as well as medical information. This meant she could help us understand better what the doctors and nurses were recommending. This helped to make us comfortable and confident in each of our decisions, making our birth story one we could be proud of. Debbie was the perfect fit for us as a family, and I would highly recommend her to other families who are looking for loving, friendly, and informed care!

– Kellie and Jeremy Keyser

Debbie attended the births of both of our daughters at our home. The first time we decided to have a home birth after starting care the conventional route and having had several prenatal visits with an OBGYN. I could not believe the difference in that first prenatal visit under the midwifery model of care! The midwives took their TIME with me. I felt welcomed and, well…mothered. As our due date approached I left each visit feeling informed, restored, confident and of my ability to birth. The day came and once active labor began, Debbie was at my house soon after I called supporting me through the fast and intense labor. The midwives stayed through the night to do the post-birth assessments, cleaned up, and left my husband and I tucked in with our new daughter. The postpartum care proved to be just as valuable and exceptional as the prenatal support.

My second pregnancy, only 9 months after my first was born, seemed harder as there was little opportunity to rest while taking care of my daughter. During those prenatal visits Debbie not only gave prenatal support but also advice on dealing with my daughter’s transition with the new baby. The mayan massage sessions helped so much with my fatigue and digestion. Debbie and her partners gave such thorough, gentle prenatal care and birth support that I would absolutely recommend her services whether or not an expecting mother choses to birth at home or in a hospital.

– Hope

Debbie Wong has been my midwife for all three of my home births. She is amazing! She works hard to stay up to date and because of this, all of her practice is evidence based (the nurse in me loves this!). She is also a calm presence and is almost magical in her ability to ease ones fears and worries. She is also kind, loving, patient, and respectful of my older children and goes out of her way to make them feel special and involved (the mom in me loves this!). I highly highly recommend her!!

-Stephanie Post

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers — strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman